GUD is a refreshing recovery drink. It’s 20g of protein and the optimal amount of electrolytes to help you refuel after your sweatiest workouts. 


It’s designed to taste great, so you can keep that post-workout glow going long after you’re finished. 


It was developed by our Chief Athletic Officer and Founder, Enzo Garofalo after he had spent almost a decade being a competitive triathlete ending as a Team Canada Athlete. He was tired of protein shakes: the chalky feel, the mess, the smell of old shakers.


He wanted something refreshing like a sports drink with the nutrition of a protein shake to make his recovery feel as good as his workout.

You can count on GUD to fuel you with enjoyable nutrition. We’re dedicated to improving those minor and seemingly insignificant experiences to get you closer to feeling better than new, because the little things count.