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GUD answers to your GUD questions

  • How is GUD sweetened?
    GUD contains Stevia, a plant native to Brazil and Paraguay. GUD uses extracts of Stevia to provide a balanced sweetened experience. To balance and perfect the taste of GUD, maple syrup is added in small amounts.
  • What kind of athlete is GUD right for?
    The sports nutrition in GUD works synergistically to optimize your recovery experience whether you're into fitness for lifestyle reasons or an avid athlete. We always use the highest quality ingredients. GUD is right for active men and women enjoying a variety of sports.
  • Does GUD contain any preservatives?
    GUD contains whey, a dairy product. Leaving dairy products unpreserved allows harmful bacteria to grow. Potassium sorbate has been widely used as a food preservative for decades around the world and can be found naturally in Mountain-Ash berries.
  • Where can I buy GUD?
    GUD is currently sold only through this website and delivered directly to you. Our products will be offered in selected fitness establishments as soon as it is safe to do so.
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